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May 2024

Apologies, I don't update here anymore, stay informed on social media:

But most exciting news is MIND/MIRRORS AI/AR exhibition, taking place in Epsom UK. See here:

And the full MIND/MIRROR is available on MakersPlace:


screening of Excerpt (2008) with a really fine group of filmmakers, curated by the wonderful Javier Elipe Gimeno - "Augmented cinema, sound compositions for experimental cinema."


An article about recent AI work, by ​​Lucas Murari & Nicholas Andueza, published in ECO-PÓS magazine (Portuguese)

Full essay Google translation


"Silberstein's  work  with  artificial  intelligence  also  brings  this  multiplicity  typical  of  contemporary  visual  culture,  perhaps  announcing  one  of  its  most  radical  sides,  since,  instead  of  mechanical  reproduction,  copying  the  copy,  it  is  an  image  that  creates  an  image,  completing  the  mythology  of  simulacrum,  subjectivizing  the  machine...Inspired  by  the  history  of  art  (Magritte,  Turner,  Bacon  -  he  even  cites  Monet)  and  the  logic  of  computer  programming,  the  screen  becomes  a  versatile  platform  throughout  his  work.  The  artist  combines  elements  and  techniques  from  different  contexts,  creating  a  dialogue  between  past  and  present.  His  approach  goes  beyond  conventional  limits,  exploring  visual  territories  that  challenge  the  possibilities  of  contemporary  creation."


Cycles of Creation recent screenings:

- File Electronic Language International Festival, a main installation in 'Interactive Singularities' exhibition, shown in loop at the FIESP Cultural Center, at Avenida Paulista - Sao Paulo Brazil. July 5 - August 27
- Festival ECRÃ at the MAM Cinematheque in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Sunday July 2
- Kinomural, Wroclaw, Poland, 23.9. A big festival night of outdoors screenings on gigantic buildings walls, around the theme "Altered States of Consciousness". Cycles of Creation is a special event, European premiere
- Nova Rio Biennial of Art and Technology, at the science museum Museu do Amanhã in Rio de Janeiro, From September 20 to October 29, 2023

​More info here


​- Joined LUMAS Gallery in their project: NFT in a BOX

- Feature film 62 minutes long, Cycles of Creation, was released recently, showing in a number of venues

- Two NFTs sold from CYBOTANICAL in collaboration with ArtPoint:


Fron now on news can be found from now on my Social Media 😃 see you there


Excited to announce the premiere of a new work HACKING THE FUTURE, a 13 minutes long audiovisual composition with Łukasz Szałankiewicz 
Taking place at Watermans - Cinema, Theatre & Exhibits in west London 2-4 Sept
Curated by Klio Krajewska 
More details here:


​"Somewhere We live In Little Loops" is part of "Eclectic Dreams III" video art program screening on, July 23-September 6

Sedition Art published an article summing up what's happening this July:
Really happy being on this platform alongside Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, Bill Viola, Yoko Ono, Terry Flaxton, John Sanborn and other artists I admire


In-formations - a permanent exhibition/collection launched on Sedition Art:

From the catalogue:
"The idea for the collection came from my long research into achieving unique moving forms that also echo my inner and outer world. Working intensely with AI in the last two years, witnessing its rapid evolution both in technology and artists' usage, led me to go for the deepest layers of this new aesthetics. So I thought that it makes sense to escape figuritism which looks like illustrations and try to achieve more 'pure' visuals. I'm very much inspired by old masters' paintings, Impressionist and Modern artists. It's an interest that started a few years ago and keeps growing and having an effect on my work."
But then also, seeing the huge amount of images, opinions, fake news, arguments and chaos going on in the world, I felt it's right to come back in my work to more raw imagery. And it's especially intriguing seeing these visual streams flowing out from a computer mind, reflecting back everything it has learned about us humans in an inconcrete form open for interpretation, and thus hopefully creating a reflection and thought within ourselves."

Matter & Light, a seven-minute video work, will be shown at FILE Electronic Language International Festival, SAO PAULO 2022 - SUPERCREATIVITY from 13th July to 28th August 2022


NFTs and limited editions section updated. Have a look here:


'Emergence Y'​ NFT sold on MakersPlace platform:



The Devil Had Other Plans Act I, an experimental zombie film, processing the Night of The Living Dead, is in Brussels Independent Film Festival, Cinéma GALERIES, 6-13 February, 2pm-8pm every day for free

Image of Perception the feature film is in the unique open passionate festival Fisura, Festival Internacional de Cine y Video Experimental, Mexico in February exact date TBA

The Body is a Gesture, made with AI video prediction technology is shown in another good friends festival Short Movie Club, March 26, Cinema theatre BELARUS

And Somewhere We Live in Little Loops, the previous AI film, Bolton Film Festival award winner, is in Ribalta Experimental Film Festival in secret time to be announced.


'Emergence Y' #NFT on MakersPlace sold to the collector Aristidis:

See more:


'Image of Perception' feature film is in José Sarmiento Hinojosa's 2021 best films list


'The Body is a Gesture' in Exploratory Visions animation + experimental + avant garde film program curated by David Green, at The Screening Room, Salto 1 TV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, over two weekends – from Friday 26 November to end of Sunday 28 November and from Friday 03 to end of Sunday 05 December.


'Meltdown' in IMAGE PLAY ► International Video Art Festival - III Edition
'Somewhere We Live in Little Loops' in IMAGE PLAY ► International Video Art Festival - II Edition
Director/Curator: Ph.D. Hernando Urrutia


The Wrong Biennale starts today
ESSENCE / ABSENCE - virtual 3D exhibition (pavillion 10)


​I​​mage of Perception the feature won 'Best Visual Creation' award from RIFF 2021 | REAKTOR International Film Festival 2021 Vienna

Somewhere We Live in Little Loops is in Houlgate European Film Festival. Oct 20-26


'Somewhere We Live in Little Loops' won best experimental film at the BAFTA qualified Bolton Film Festival UK

The film can next be seen on a cinema screen in Un Festival C'est Trop Court - UFCTC in Nice France Oct 8-15

Layers of Cognition (2005) was invited to the 11th edition of the international video exhibition
Onda Mediale - From October 7, 2021 through January 15, 2022

​Image of Perception - Prelude (the short film), in the Dark Room at Torrance Art Museum, south California USA, as part of the project Videowords, SEPTEMBER 18 - DECEMBER 04, 2021


Last month two NFTs sold: The Face of Life & No Brainer

Now on re-sale and more available here:

A NFT got selected to Ars Electronica .ART Gallery - launching on September 8th here:

Image of Perception, the feature - is off for its next screenings - in MUTA Festival Internacional de Apropiación Audiovisual Lima Peru, on September 7 & 8

The Body is a Gesture was selected for SIMULTAN FESTIVAL XVI.
11 — 19 09 2021 / TIMISOARA / Romania

Body is gesture is in Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image
Spool Contemporary Art Space in Johnson City, NY, on October 22 & 23.

​The Body is a Gesture would be screened at 25th International Video Festival VIDEOMEDEJA that takes place in KS Svilara in Novi Sad, Serbia, from October 14-16, 2020

And also in Novi Sad - ​Somewhere we live in little loops selected for Experimental Superstars, September 24, 2021

Somewhere we live in little loops would screen at the "Experimental" programme at Bolton International Film Festival, Oct 2nd

The Devil Had Other Plans (Act II) has been selected to screen at We Make Movies International Film Festival, which will take place this fall in Hollywood, on Wednesday, September 8th through Sunday, September 12th.

​​Meltdown screening at Esto Es Para Esto, , July 24th, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Somewhere We Live in Little Loops screened in VIDEOFORMS/Clermont-Ferrand City event -: SEEN FROM EUROPE, July 3-19


A review of Image of Perception the feature:


Image of Perception the feature film is live now on Festival ECRÃ:


An analysis of The Devil Had Other Plans by Corentin Lê in his A BRIEF HISTORY OF GLITCH essay:
"For video creation on the Internet, doing datamoshing in 2020 also involves digging up a corpse, carrying out an exhumation process. This is what seems to have been tackled by Guli Silberstein, who achieved during the Covid-19 pandemic The Devil Had Other Plans (Act I) (2020), a digital compression of fragments taken from The Night of the Living Dead by George A. Romero, colorized using an algorithm [19] . By opening onto a cemetery that resonates with that of Père-Lachaise in Holy Motors (2012), for which Perconte was invited to compress a traveling fueling the Caraxian obsession with a “death of images” in the digital age [20] , The Devil Had Other Plans figures as much the flight of individuals frightened at the idea of ​​being devoured by Romero's zombies (or germaphobia at the time of the global pandemic), as the cadaverous nature of the glitch in 2020. As with Takeshi Murata, the monster of the film is the compression itself"

Honoured and excited to have my debut feature film 'Image of Perception' included in Festival ECRÃ Rio Brazil, taking place online in JULY 15-25:

Trailer and info:


An essay I wrote published in the book VIOLENCE AND SOCIETY, edited by Javier Elipe Gimeno:
Audio-Video - The Third Dimension
Sound work in "The Schizophrenic State Project'

Computer Vision Art Gallery exhibition, CVPR 2021: Virtual due to COVID-19, curated by Luba Elliott and Xavier Snelgrove - premiere online in full of a new AI video work 'The Body is a Gesture'
AI video outputs are composed together to reflect on the human body as viewed and processed by the machine.


'On the Border of the Gaza Strip' - Schizophrenic State is shown alongside films by Chantal Akerman, Avi Mograbi, Sivan Eyal and others - on


An interview by Rachel Lonsdale from hARTslane Gallery:



Image of Perception - Prelude (a short film, an extract from the feature) is in an underground screening on a wall in south London, by Hartslane and part of Enrico Tomaselli project VideoWords


Extant - a short 3 minutes work is in PANORAMA VOL #3, online on VisualcontainerTV
Curated by Muriel Paraboni, produced by Véspera


'Somewhere We Live in Little Loops' four days screening on the platform
This Is Short
A project  by Vienna Shorts, Go Short, Short Film Festival Oberhausen & Short Waves Festival


First experimental feature - 'Image of Perception' (64 min) - premiere on 21.3.21 at FESCISA - San Antonio Independent Film Festival, Ecuador. 
A tribute to the pioneering, visionary Japanese film from 1926, 'A Page of Madness', directed by Teinosuke Kinugasa, reworked by AI coloring technology, digital processing, re-cutting and a sound track.

A new little video work called 'Extant', was selected by Muriel Paraboni to be part of PANORAMA VOL # 3, shown as world premiere on VisualcontainerTV International Videoart WebTV from March 19th to April 20th, 2021.

Extant is also part of ART POINT collection and Kornea platform, more details soon.


Somewhere We Live in Little Loops, at Festival Videoformes, Clermont-Ferrand France, online March 20th:


Tonight Cut Out (2014) is screened by Videokanava Workgroup, Finland on their online gallery

And - Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival, Czech Republic, screens The Devil Had Other Plans II in their special showcase Echoes of 24th Ji.hlava IDFF, running online from today for two weeks on their website.


A review of The Devil Had Other Plans series (Acts I, II & III):


New prints added to the collection on Saatchi Art


Best experimental film award for Field of Infinity in Calcutta International Short Film Festival, from jury members Wolfgang Lehmann & Madhuja Mukherjee! Many thanks to the jury and festival team, also for inviting the film to the festival.
Field of Infinity can be viewed here:


'Somewhere We Live in Little Loops' is in included in an AI art show in the context of #NeurIPS2020 Workshop on Machine Learning for Creativity and Design. ​Curated by Luba Elliott


A special version of 'Somewhere We Live in Little Loops' was launched yesterday by Sedition Art. An experiment with a weird new technology, where AI based on machine-learning, creates video by next-frame prediction. Then I edited it to a kind of poetic audio-visual stream.


A new interview in Sedition Art, for the upcoming launch of Somewhere We Live in Little Loops - Special Edition:


- Matter & Light in Proceso de Error - Festival Internacional de Video Experimental, Valparaíso, Chile, Dec 1-13
- Meltdown in Esto Es Para Esto Mexico, Dec 4-18

- The Devil Had Other Plans - Act I - Festival Tous Courts of Aix-en-Provence, France, December 1-5
And in Beijing International Short Film Festival, China, December 4
- Act II in Alternative Film/Video, Belgrade, Serbia, December 9-13

3.11.20 - the new episode, act II from 'The Devil Had Other Plans' series is available on DAFilms for a short time:

AQ&A with the curator Andrea Slováková: (starting at 16:00)

A review by Tomáš Stejskal in
"How to capture the anxiety caused by a coronavirus pandemic? Israeli video artist and editor Guli Silberstein found the ideal medium in the colored version of the famous horror film Night of the Living Dead, by which George Romero started the modern history of this genre in 1969.
The famous scenes from the house, where a group of Americans barricade themselves in front of fiery undead longing to eat them alive, are turning into abstract scenes with a strongly symbolic value.
It was difficult for Silberstein to choose a more suitable horror. The Night of the Living Dead was filmed with a black-and-white, documentary contact camera, touching on American racism and discussing that the greatest danger was ultimately the people themselves. The animation tools of the Israeli filmmaker have broken this groundbreaking horror into a disturbing audiovisual meditation, which, with the sounds of piano and fine electronics, digitally chirps about today's time when horror no longer takes the form of clearly visible monsters."

And a review by Borja Castillejo Calvo, cinesinfin6 blog:
"After exploring the beginnings of The Night of the Living Dead in its first part, Guli Silberstein continues to mix scenes and chronological shots of the film to continue in his broken and liquid analysis of the pandemic image.
The digital wear and tear displayed in a continuously mutating, melted, pixelated image runs from the scene where Ben lays Barbara on the couch after passing out to the car explodes. In that stretch of frenzy, in which they go outside for the first time to see that there is no escape, a ghostly melancholy floods the cult film that makes its way between irritating color scenes and a soundtrack that introduces some original dialogue and sounds . The second act of The Devil Had Other Plans brings associative abstraction to the field of current revelation under the intrinsic reading of the COVID-19 crisis to give a redesigned image an even more gloomy air."

- 29.10.20 - a little tsunami of screenings in one week:

- The great 24 Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival is holding the European premiere of 'The Devil Had Other Plans (Act II)', the turmoil episode, the second stage of the pandemic - 31.10, 9 am: Available online for 7 days, on Czech territory.
An online Q&A will be held on 31.10 between 4PM and 5:30PM CET. And the film would be on DAFilms - DocAlliance online channel in all territories on Nov 2-8.
- 'The Devil Had Other Plans (Act I)' would be screened in Festival de Cinema de Girona Spain, Theater: Valvi Foundation, Nov 3-6, 18.00-21.00:
And online in Experimental Film Guanajuato Mexico, in 'Better Than Darkness' program, Nov 05:
- And 'Meltdown' is in Experimental Superstars
Novi Sad, Serbia , Nov 2-3:

- 1.10.20 - a publication in the Israeli magazine Portfolio about Somewhere We Live in Little Loops, my recent AI work, and some other videos from recent years.

​- 'Meltdown' received the award for Best Experimental Film at Obskuur Ghent Film Festival, Alfred Sküll Gallery, Ghent Belguim! -

- Screening by invitation two older works - Cut Out from 2014, and Re:Commandments from 2007 at a program dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian context at the 13th International Animated Film Festival
Poznań Poland & online, 3—9.10.2020

- 10.9.20 - a world premiere of a new digital work! 'Somewhere We Live in Little Loops', online on Ars Electronica .ART Global Gallery: , 9–23 September 2020
- 'Cut Out' (2014) in 'Subordinated Reality' exhibition curated by Martin Calvino, Videokanava, Finland: 12.9.2020 UG-Fest, Contemporary Art Centre Pispala, Tampere, 21.-29.9 VBKÖ, Vienna, Austria, 7.-23.5.2021 ARS 108, Factory 108, Nokia, Finland, Videokanava Online Gallery Summer 2021 and more:
- 'The Devil Had Other Plans (Act I)' (2020) in DOBRA - Festival Int'l de Cinema Experimental - September 8th to 27th - in program 1 - 'Domestic Aesthetics - confinement and invention', MAM Rio - Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro. Thanks to the curating team! Streaming online:
And in Festival de Cinema de Girona, Sept 23-oct 3, curated by Lluís Valentí -
Also, still running: 
'Stuff As Dreams' (2016) in Watermans
- Cinema, Theatre & Exhibits London, curator: Klio Krajewska, and 'Excerpt' (2008) in קולנוע כתר \\ Opening \\ Crown Cinema, Mamuta Art and Media Center Jerusalem, curator: Yehudit Shlosberg- Yogev​

- 11.7.20 - an updated portfolio:

'Meltdown' invited to Obskuur Ghent Film Festival, Gent Belgium, a series of free screenings over 3 months In Alfred Sküll Gallery, curated by Kris De Meester. First screening is this Sunday 12.7:

The full series of 'The Devil Had Other Plans', Acts I, II & III launched in one program on MUTA Festival Internacional de Apropiación Audiovisual. Programmed by the José Sarmiento Hinojosa:, 40 minutes in total, going in full online on Tuesday July 21.

- 26.6.20: Field of Infinity won best experimental film award in Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival!
PRESS RELEASE: This year we were privileged to receive over a thousand entries. Twenty wonderful films made it to the final selection for 2020. After lengthy consideration, our jury members thought the following films to be this year's finest: Field of Infinity (United Kingdom) by Guli Silberstein won Best Experimental Film. Inspired by Renaissance paintings and contemporary news broadcasts from Gaza protests - the work processes human gestures and figures in landscape into a dark and colourful scramble. An array of reflections, including concerns about the political image, image of the political, the politics of the image, and the image of image."

- Decomposition, a new video artworks collection available now on SeditionArt.
The Decomposition collection contains three streams of hybrid images, continuously forming and breaking apart, reflecting electronic, cognitive and collective perceptions of a dissolving world. In the face of disasters such as epidemics, climate breakdown, social unrest, political uncertainty and armed conflicts, these glimpses from around planet Earth bring together views of water, land, fields, mountains, animals, humans, all interacting in an organic texture, calling forward forces of nature as they are mingled and arranged in Earth’s ecological system.

- Created a new film/series in three parts, reacting the Coronavirus apocalypse - 'The Devil Had Other Plans', a processing of the classic Zombie 1968 film 'Night of the Living Dead'.

Here is Act I:

Participating in the French Cinematheque's online video project 'Cinema Letters', started on April 23rd:

- Some password-protected works are released online now for a while:

Stuff As Dreams (2016):

Field of Infinity (2018):

Meltdown (2019):

Keep safe!


March 2020

Wow time flies fast. Here are some updates:

- A detailed interview published in Found Footage Magazine on 3.3, conducted by José Sarmiento Hinojosa.
Many warm thanks to Cesar, Cristina, and everyone in FFM team
Available on and in selected book shops.

- Field of Infinity screening is coming up in Videoformes, Clermont Ferrand, France, 12-15 march

- Field of Infinity is in Festival de Largos y Cortos de Santiago, March 5, 2020

Past events:

- Field of Infinity was in Art Fair Madrid, a parallel fair around ARCO from 26th
February to 1st of March 2020.

- Layers of Cognition, a work from 2005, was screened in 5th Taiwan International Cat Film Festival, Tapetum Lucidum 2020, on Feb.14-16, 2020, The Cube Project Space,Taipei

- 'Meltdown' was screened in the Brussels Independent Film Festival, 9-15 February, 2pm-8pm, Cinéma Galleries, Brussels.

Field of Infinity was shown in BronxArtSpace with in New York in the exhibition SyntheticZero: The Virtual is (Always) Already Real, curated by Mitsu Hadeishi

- 'Displacement' screened at 37e Festival Tous Courts, Institut de l’Image, Aix-en-Provence, 6.12

- 'Field of Infinity' screened in Super Shorts International Film Festival, BFI 21 Stephen Street, Fitzrovia, London, 5.12

- Field of Infinity in WRO on Tour #6, DEC 5, 2019 | Warstwy, Kolonia Artystów · Gdansk, Poland

- Launched a new work - Matter & Light - on Sedition Art: Avaiable as limited edition.

- A guest lecture, talking about my work in the context of media, art & news, in Collegium Da Vinci, Poznan, Poland
Dec 12

December 2019

- Field of Infinity is on show at the SSA | VAS OPEN 2020, in a presentation curated by Cutlog artists moving image, taking place at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh, 22 December until 30 January.
- Field of Infinity is nominated for best British film award, screened in London Short Film Festival, BFI Southbank, Jan 10-19 2020. More info here.

- Field of Infinity got the main award at Festival international Signes de Nuit, the Italian version in Urbino Italy. Many thanks to the jury and festival team.
Jury Statement :
"For the rhythm achieved by intertwining sound and image which are skilfully employed to express those "other" images abstracted from their original narrative contexts, to become anew concrete in the perception of the viewer."

November 2019

- Field of Infinity is in Beijing International Short Film Festival China 29.11-9.12 and following winning special mention in Festival international Signes de Nuit Paris continues to the festival's Italian edition in Urbino November 28-30

- The new work Displacement is in CODEC/Festival Internacional de Cine Experimental y Vídeo, Mexico Nov 25-30 where a lot of talented colleagues present their work too.
- And the veteran work Stuff As Dreams (2016) had a re-screening at dokumentART on 27.11 and some previous dates.

- Field of Infinity takes part in three screening events in the next three days:
- 32e Festival Les Instants Vidéo, Nov 9, Marseille France:

Field of Infinity (a video still below) in Chile by Proceso de Error - Festival Internacional de Video Experimental - 'There are no innocent images'.

October 2019

- Very happy to join Tracey Emin, Bill Viola, Yoko Ono and others in the digital art platform Sedition's curated artist selection:

- A special mention award for Field of Infinityat Festival international Signes de Nuit, 12.10.19, Paris!

Jury statement : "a monumental and vivid impressionistic painting"
- Loop screenings of Impressure, Stuff As Dreams, Field of Infinity and Meltdown inNOW DIGITAL, part of Margate Festival, Margate UK,18.10-27.10

-  Excited about the world premiere of a new work - 'Displacement' in 23. MFDF Ji.hlava / 23rd Ji․hlava IDFF festival Czech Republic 24-29 Oct. A work taking a new direction in the Israeli-Palestinian context, looking at Israeli nationalism, militarism and religion itself as traced in physical, political and ideological landscape of my homeland.
Coming up screenings also in Alternative Film/Video Serbia and Festival Tous Courts France

- Grateful to have 'Field of Infinity' included in this special screening event - 'Found Footage Cinema: Painting with film and light', curated by Found Footage Magazine - part of Circuito Nomadica – Weekend On the Moon 2019

- Field of Infinity is also in:

- TiSFF * THESS SHORT FILM FESTIVAL Thessaloniki Greece, Oct 17 18 19 & 20
- CineToro Experimental Film Festival, Cali, Palmira, Roldanillo and Toro, Colombia, Oct 29-Nov 3, 2019

September 2019

- 'Field of Infinity' at the following:

Invideo, Crema, Italy
WRO Media Art Biennale on Tour #2, Tatsuno Art Project 2019, ANIMA, Tatsuno, Japan,
Tirana International Film Festival, Tirana, Albania
DOBRA - Festival Int'l de Cinema Experimental, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Proceso de Error - Festival Internacional de Video Experimental,

Field of Infinity: Venice Film Week - best experimental film award ! 3.9.19
Experimental Superstars - Cultural Center Novi Sad Serbia, 7th September at 20h
New Wave Film Festival China

MUTA Festival Internacional de Apropiación Audiovisual Lima Peru

- Meltdown:

Girona Film Festival Spain, 24-28 September

Hell Chess Festival, Andalucía Spain , September 13

- Stuff As Dreams is included in 'Radical Immersions' exhibition, Watermans Centre west London. Curated by Klio Krajewska. Runs in parallel to Digital Research in the Humanities & Arts (DRHA) conference.