File Electronic Language International Festival, a main installation in 'Interactive Singularities' exhibition, shown in loop at the FIESP Cultural Center, at Avenida Paulista - Sao Paulo Brazil. July 5 - August 27:

Festival ECRÃ at the MAM Cinematheque in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Sunday July 2, 3pm:

Kinomural, Wroclaw, Poland, 23.9. A big festival night of outdoors screenings on gigantic buildings walls, around the theme "Altered States of Consciousness". Cycles of Creation is a special event, European premiere, and first time Kinomural festival screens a feature film. Also participating in a panel: 'the place of art in the public space', 22.9, 6 pm

Nova Rio Biennial of Art and Technology, at the science museum Museu do Amanhã in Rio de Janeiro, ​From September 20 to October 29, 2023  

​Videomedeja Festival, Novi Sad, FRIDAY, SATURDAY Oct 13-14, 17:00 – 22:00, Cultural Station Svilara
Đorđa Rajkovića 6b, Novi Sad, Serbia

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The Cycles of Creation entity, composed as for now from a feature project and a short film, serves as a reflection on Artificial Intelligence. Meticulously crafted through an intricate process involving machine-learning models like text-to-image, text-to-text, and text-to-voice, the film weaves a narrative that connects past stories and ancient myths to contemporary perspectives and glimpses into the future. This AI fantasy, born from the very mechanics of artificial intelligence, serves as a thought-provoking exploration, shedding light on ecological concerns surrounding our planet, technology, and the human species

Creator: Kris Klavenes
Title:  Meditation Music V1 
(The first 62:30 minutes of the original 71:40 minutes track)
License: Attribution 4.0 License (
Link to music:

                  GULI SILBERSTEIN ART 

Cycles of Creation

(62:30, UK, 2023)

An experimental AI art feature film installation
Music: Meditation Music V1 by Kris Klavenes

Also available for screening with other live or recorded music

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