BISFF Correspondence 通信计划|Guli Silberstein

- Essay about recent AI work by Lucas Murari & Nicholas Andueza in ECO-PÓS magazine (Portuguese)

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​"Silberstein's work with artificial intelligence also brings this multiplicity typical of contemporary visual culture, perhaps announcing one of its most radical sides, since, instead of mechanical reproduction, copying the copy, it is an image that creates an image, completing the mythology of simulacrum, subjectivizing the machine...Inspired by the history of art (Magritte, Turner, Bacon - he even cites Monet) and the logic of computer programming, the screen becomes a versatile platform throughout his work. The artist combines elements and techniques from different contexts, creating a dialogue between past and present. His approach goes beyond conventional limits, exploring visual territories that challenge the possibilities of contemporary creation."

- Sedition Art article:

- Moving Harts Interview, hARTSlane Gallery:

Interview with Guli Silberstein BY SEDITION, OVEMBER 25TH, 2020:


- A review of Image of Perception the feature:

- A review of The Devil Had Other Plans series (Acts I, II & III):

- A review by Tomáš Stejskal in

- A publication in the Israeli magazine Portfolio about Somewhere We Live in Little Loops, my recent AI work, and some other videos from recent years:

- A detailed interview in the printed-only Found Footage Magazine, conducted by José Sarmiento Hinojosa. Available for purchase online at and in selected book shops. Published March 2020

- A guest artist lecture, by invitation of the City of Poznan and Collegium Da Vinci university, Poznan, Poland Dec 12, 2019

- Review: The Jerusalem Post, 'A Fine Line', about the work 'Target: Over & Out'. 18.2.19

- Line of violence. Short, intensive and highly artistic, by daFILMS:

- ‘The Schizophrenic State Project’ published on Screenworks academic Journal, October 2017:

- A talk and panel at 'Ecstatic Truth: Lessons of Darkness and Light' conference, RCA 27.5.17.

- Found Footage Magazine #2, April 2016 – film review of 'Cut Out'

- The Scotsman, Scotland's national newspaper, film review of 'Cut Out', April 2016

- Else Journal, Review in 'Digitality and Visuality of Nostaligia, Trans-ideology' by Ming Turner, 2015