- File Electronic Language International Festival, a main installation in 'Interactive Singularities' exhibition, shown in loop at the FIESP Cultural Center, at Avenida Paulista - Sao Paulo Brazil. July 5 - August 27:

- Festival ECRÃ at the MAM Cinematheque in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Sunday July 2, 3pm:

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Kinomural, Wroclaw, Poland, 23.9. A big festival night of outdoors screenings on gigantic buildings walls, around the theme "Altered States of Consciousness". Cycles of Creation is a special event, European premiere, and first time Kinomural festival screens a feature film. Also participating in a panel: 'the place of art in the public space', 22.9, 6 pm

Nova Rio Biennial of Art and Technology, at the science museum Museu do Amanhã in Rio de Janeiro, ​From September 20 to October 29, 2023  

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A meditative yet intense semi-abstract AI animated fictional-documentary journey, zooming in on an alternative story of Earth creation, all the way from from light to enlightenment, to create a 'Cybernetic genesis'. It's a reflection on Artificial-Intelligence, made in a long meticulous process of working with machine-learning models, such as text to image, text to text, and text to voice. The AI outputs were then constructed to connect past narratives and ancient myths to new perspectives and into the future. This is an AI fantasy, extracted from its very mechanism, highlighting ecological concerns regarding the planet, technology and the human species.​

Creator: Kris Klavenes
Title:  Meditation Music V1 
(The first 62:30 minutes of the original 71:40 minutes track)
License: Attribution 4.0 License (
Link to music:

                  GULI SILBERSTEIN ART                                                                         

Cycles of Creation

(62:30, UK, 2023)

An experimental AI art feature film installation
Music: Meditation Music V1 by Kris Klavenes

Screenings enquiries: here