GULI SILBERSTEIN                                                                           

​​The Devil Had Other Plans

A post-horror experimental film/series in three acts: Act I - SHOCK, Act II - TURMOIL, Act III - HELL

* Available as a series, separate videos, or a 40 minutes film. Contact here for queries.

A gut reaction to the Coronavirus apocalypse, made in the first months of isolation and confusion in March-June 2020, echoing the shocking, eerie and surreal experience of the pandemic. Reworking the classic Zombie public-domain film from 1968 'Night of the Living Dead' by AI colorization, video processing, re-cutting and sound work. The attack of the outside and tensions within the inside were found in the horror film images, broken apart and reassembled to become a haunting kaleidoscopic nightmare.
The processed hybrid form of film, video and digital, becomes a stream of consciousness acting directly on the senses, echoing the Coronavirus pandemic channeling fear, paranoia and suspicion. The work brings forth the dark streams bubbling under this wave of chaos, and brings back horror-films' envisions of catastrophe, referencing also the idea of the home, domestic tension, inside/outside, the body, the 'other', and extreme mental states.

The Devil Had Other Plans (Act I):