Video work are available for sale from a range of ready works, or bespoke, made to  order. The videos can be installed as projections, on TV monitors or a sculptural installations, anywhere in business or private spaces: lobby, entrance halls, hallways, offices, meeting rooms, conferences, gardens, domestic areas, etc. And/or used online, in websites as well. Please don't hesitate to get in touch for more details.

Commissions examples:

​TLV MELTS (2018, 7 min loop projection on wall)

Client and owner: Soroker Agmon Nordman | Advocates & Patent Attorneys.
(C) All Rights Reserved
In the work, the cityscape of Tel Aviv, Israel, melts and breaks up, collapsing into itself using glitch processing techniques. The work is made from original material filmed in Tel Aviv, moving west from hi-tech skyscrapers on the east side, incorporating the client's office building, through the city's streets, cultural centres, markets, ending at the seaside and sunset.

TARGET: OVER AND OUT (2018, 3-screen projection-installation loop)

​Client: Museum on the Seam Jerusalem, a commission for 'The Case of Hiroshima' exhibition

"British-Israeli artist Guli Silberstein...presents us with the unescapable results of the decision to press the bomb button, on a three-screen piece. His 'target Over & Out' spells out the clinical, professional and clinical execution of an order issued from higher up the military ladder and its cataclysmic denouement".

​Jerusalem Post, 18.2.19

I was happy to contribute to, and collaborate with, the museum's challenging task of curatorially dealing with controversial political issues. 

SYSTEM ERROR (2014, installation-projection loop on screen)

- An invitation by Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival

Desert images from the disputed Israeli-Palestinian region and electronic soundscape are integrated with a poem, transmitting an urgent message to stop the continuing violence by all sides in the Middle East. The work highlights the absurdity and pain of repeating human patterns of error, turmoil and destruction, and the difficulties of communication in deaf, chaotic world. The video acts both as an apocalyptic nightmare, and as a dream for peace. The video urges the cease of violence and destruction of land, as the poem says:
“Please do not throw any more stones / You are moving the land / The holy, whole, open land / You are moving it to the sea / And the sea doesn’t want it / The sea says, not in me.”

GULI SILBERSTEIN                              DIGITAL VIDEO ART