GULI SILBERSTEIN                               DIGITAL VIDEO ART              

The Devil Had Other Plans

A contemporary interpretation of the classic Zombie film 'Night of the Living Dead' (1968, public domain), by a mixture of editing processing techniques and sound work. It's a gut reaction to the Coronavirus apocalypse -
a post-horror experimental web series/film in three acts. This is Act I - SHOCK. Acts II & III are coming soon, stay tuned.

The hybrid form of film, video & digital art, becomes a stream of consciousness acting directly on the senses, echoing fear, paranoia and suspicion in the age of the pandemic. The work brings forth the dark streams bubbling under this wave of chaos, and brings back horror-films' envisions of catastrophe, referencing also the idea of the home, domestic tension, inside/outside, the body, the 'other', and extreme mental states.

Music: 433 erOs - Jamendo