'Cut Out' Paris premiere, Sunday, Dimanche 27 Novembre / 14 h, Mains d'Oeuvres:

'Cut Out' was selected for Visions in the Nunnery - Ori Gersht programme, Bow Arts’ Nunnery Gallery London, curated by Cinzia Cremona and Tessa Garland, Nov 1-15 exhibition, launched Nov 3, runs till Nov 16: Link 

Happy to serve as jury at the 20th Jihlava International Film Festival, October 25-30, and to give an award to Engram of Returning (Canada, 2015), dir. Daïchi Saïto.
Jury statement: “Masterful work in sound, vision and theme, producing a powerful cinematic impact, where memory processes are inherent in both the film itself and viewers experience. Clear vision, with accurate execution, making innovative use of film processing techniques, resulting in a highly successful treatment of moving image form.”

And to De Potentia Dei (Czech Republic, 2016) dir. Ondřej Vavrečka
Jury statement: “An intelligent and joyful film. Cleverly challenging the viewer to think about art, political & social issues, and the cinematic experience. Many wonderful juxtaposed scenes and Dada moments intertwined into a highly enjoyable and provocative work."

- World premiere of a new work - 'Stuff As Dreams' - was screened at 27.10, Czech Republic, Jihlva International Documentary Film Festival

A new work, 'MOVING ACROSS OPPOSITE DIRECTIONS', would have its premiere at 14th Tirana International Film Festival, November 3-11, Tirana, Albania: link. It was also selected to be screened in London Short Film Festival in January, more details soon.

Signed with the distribution company Vidivit


- 'Machinic Phylum' at Southern Colorado Film Festival, CO USA, October 15, 2016

- 'Object' at Message to Man festival, GlitchDoc programme curated by Alena KorolevaSaint-Petersburg, Russia, 28.09.16 at Cinema Center Velikan Park, 30.09.16 at Cinema Center Rodina

- 'Machinic Phylum' at Close-Up Cinema screening: "In Reality", curated by Karel Doing. Aug 28, London


Guli Silberstein                     London based artist, filmmaker, video editor