GULI SILBERSTEIN                         VIDEO WORKER


Guli Silberstein's work deals with social, political and ecological unrest by processing personal recordings, found footage, and mixes of both. Noise, glitch and other disruptions of “clean” image are used. Images become substance, are re-contextualised, and turn into sensory experience. Video immateriality is studied, as well as cognitive implications of moving image consumption in a 'post-truth' world bombarded by superfluous images and 'fake news'.
The works experiment with video form as poetic expression, tracking down gestures of human body and patterns in landscape as perceived by camera and mind, often involving close family and travel footage. A common theme is the fine line between tranquillity and chaos, and fragility of existence, aiming to extract humaneness from digital video code.
The works are calls for action, from a humanistic and positive perspective, trying to highlight empathy in the images processing, and experiment with audio-visual media to explore new forms.