"The remarkable career of digital artist Guli Silberstein spans over 15 years of work dedicated to subverting the codes of mass media in order to present the actual tragedy and conflict of the human condition. This process of détournement, which disembodies the binary constitution of digital video, manifests itself in the process of glitch and other techniques of faulty video compression to give us a fluid canvas in which image plasticity turns into a semiotic element of action. In Silberstein’s works, the image error or glitch is always representative, a phantasmagoric presence of sorts, evoking the spiritual, the political, the intimate, the human: it’s the activity of mankind at its most critical, involved in war, conflict, acts of resistance, but also in the intimate, the tender and its relation with nature."

José Sarmiento-Hinojosa, Found Footage Magazine #6, March 2020

GULI SILBERSTEIN                               DIGITAL VIDEO ART