London-based artist creating digital video work since 2001, when graduated from The New School University, MA in Media Studies program, NYC USA. 

​​​His art work progress can be be divided to three stages: 2000-2014 - processing personal recordings, found footage, and mixes of both, to produce new perspectives on issues of war and perception, from 2015 - using 'glitch' a technique to break down the image, finding new landscapes in personal and media footage. And since 2020 also working intensely with AI - creating short video loops and experimental feature films, posting regularly on social media to a growing community of followers.​​ ​ 

Over the years, the art work has been winning awards and shown in many festivals and venues, including: WRO Media Art Biennale Poland, Transmediale festival Berlin, Jihlava International Film Festival, London Short Film Festival, Bemis Center For Contemporary Arts USA, French Cinematheque Paris online channel, FILE – Electronic Language International Festival Brazil, the Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh and numerous more. A curated artist at Sedition Art London alongside Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin and Yoko Ono, a member at the NFT platforms Foundation and MakersPlace, and a curated AI artist by creative AI researcher Luba Elliott, in her Computer Vision Art Gallery.

Inspired by dreams, visions, and memories, his works experiment with video form as poetic expression, and tell visual stories, developing thematic inquiries. It’s a continuous practical research, a life project, tracking down peculiar usages of computer processes, to produce moving image assemblies that form new aesthetics fed by inner personal experiences.

"In Silberstein’s works, the image error or glitch is always representative, a phantasmagoric presence of sorts, evoking the spiritual, the political, the intimate, the human"
(José Sarmiento-Hinojosa, Found Footage Magazine #6, March 2020)

"Guli Silberstein’s excellent Cut Out...a film about the way media can liberate and protect people in dangerous situations"
(The Scotsman, 18th Apr 2016)

"Within Silberstein's creative work, both prediction and chance play a key role. The impression (digital and emotional) that emanates from each layer of data easily lends itself to gripping reading"
(CINEMASINFIN, a blog by Borja Castillejo Calvo, 2021)